Seven Easy Updates For Your Bedroom

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This is part 3 of a long series where I’m sharing seven updates for every space in (and outside) your home! I took last week off due to a vacation (we were skiing in Colorado!), but two weeks ago, I shared seven ways to update your bathroom, and the week before that, seven affordable updates for your kitchen.

This week, I’m focusing on the bedroom! This doesn’t have to be YOUR bedroom- it could be a guest bedroom or a kid’s bedroom as well. As always, you can spend as much or as little as you want on these updates. From decor to paint to linens, the options are endless. Read on for seven (relatively) easy changes you can make to update your bedroom.

1 | Add a feature wall

Feature walls can be any number of things, from paint to moulding- here’s list of ideas to get you started.

1 | Paint: a darker or brighter paint color on one wall (typically where the head of your bed is located) can make a beautiful accent to your bedroom. You could also paint a stenciled pattern or do a colorblocked design. I just love the how the dark wall makes this bedroom seem so moody and cozy in the photo below.

Dark painted feature wall
Unknown image source via Pinterest (please let me know if you know who this bedroom belongs to!)

2 | Shiplap: you can go rustic or modern here; we have a white rustic shiplap in our guest bedroom and a knotty alder shiplap in our master bedroom. You can also get creative and do a vertical shiplap, “skinnylap”, or shiplap only part of the wall!

S4E6 Fixer Upper
Design by Joanna Gaines on S4E6 Fixer Upper

3 | Moulding: some picture frame moulding or board and batten is a great way to bring depth and interest to an otherwise plain wall. There are so many variations of moulding that you can do- a simple search of “picture frame moulding” on Pinterest brings endless ideas.

Stunning moulding design via Amber Interiors

4 | Wallpaper: the wallpaper of 2019 is not your grandparents’ wallpaper, folks. There are so many stunning patterns out there. A lot of wallpaper these days is peel-and-stick, meaning no messy glue, and if you get sick of it, it’s easy to remove.

How cute is this wallpaper feature wall in this bedroom by @raveinteriordesign?

5 | Gallery wall or picture ledge: You can make a beautiful gallery wall or picture ledge using either personal photos or artwork- or mix the two! Etsy has so many amazing artists that offer very affordable printable downloads, and you can print the photos through an online shop like Snapfish or Nations Photo Lab.

A consecutive photo gallery wall via AllModern

2 | Replace your bedding

When is the last time you got new sheets? If the answer is more than two years ago, it’s time for a change, according to many sources. You can freshen up your bedroom (and your sleep) with some new sheets, duvet cover, or comforter with hardly any effort at all. Not only can it give your bedroom a whole new look, but it can bring you a better night’s sleep as well, if your current sheets or bedding is scratchy, worn, or musty-smelling.

Our white West Elm duvet helps to keep our bedroom bright and airy!

3 | Add (or replace) a rug

No matter what type of flooring you have in your bedroom, you should consider adding a rug. Depending on the size of your bed, either a 8×10 or 9×12 rug could fit underneath the entire bed and line either side. You could also add a runner to each side or to the foot of the bed. This is a great way to add some color if your bedroom is otherwise neutral, and you can have fun with the design. I love the look of a vintage rug in a bedroom, but if that’s not your style (or budget), there are tons of other options as well.

How stunning is this vintage rug in this bedroom by @branchabode ?!

4 | Update your bedroom furniture

How old is your bedroom furniture? Is it in good condition? There are a couple things you could do to update your bedroom furniture. Depending on the material, it’s in decent shape, it could take on a whole new look with some paint. Perhaps it’s a dated honey oak set- a coat of white paint might bring it back into this century. If you have a fabric headboard, ask yourself if it could be reupholstered! You don’t necessarily have to do this yourself- you could search online for a local reupholstery business.

If it’s in your budget, you could also shop for new furniture entirely. Do yourself a favor and don’t just purchase a matching set! Match your side tables but get a different bed frame to create symmetry and interest. If you can’t afford an entire bedframe, a stand-alone headboard is an option as well.

I love the simple, yet sophisticated look of @2540loveandco ‘s bedroom.

5 | Replace light fixtures

When I say this, I’m envisioning my childhood bedroom from the 90’s- my ceiling fan/light was white with shiny brass accent pieces. Maybe you have one of these in your home too? It’s time to get rid of it and get a pretty new ceiling fixture! If you’re a ceiling fan person like I am, don’t worry! There are tons of beautiful modern fans out there. If you don’t need a fan, your options are even greater- you could consider a beautiful semi-flush light or even a chandelier, depending on your ceiling height.

If you’re not able to swap out your overhead light (or you don’t have one), you could also update the lamps on your (new?!) side table(s) or hang sconce lights on the wall above your side tables. There are lot of beautiful of plugin sconces if the cord doesn’t bother you too much. Having a wall sconce also allows you more space on your side table!

I can’t get enough of the wall sconces in this beautiful bedroom by Nicole Davis, as seen on CopyCatChic.

6 | Decorate your side tables

This doesn’t have to be anything crazy, but if your current “side table decor” consists of a phone charger cord, a book, and a glass of water, this is me telling you to make a change. Add a framed photo, a plant or some fresh flowers (or faux!), a candle, a bedside lamp (see above) and a pretty storage box and you’re set. If you’re a reader (or even if you aren’t), you could stack a pretty set of books and set a vase of flowers on top of that to add some height.

@leclairdecor is killin’ the side table game in this bedroom

7 | Update (or add) photos and artwork

This is a simple one! If you display photos or artwork in your room- when is the last time you’ve updated them? Do they still make you happy, or do you hardly even notice them anymore? If it’s the latter, it might be time to update them. As I had mentioned above in #1, a gallery wall or picture ledge is a great way to add interest and personalize your space. As far as artwork, the options are endless- you could get printables through Etsy, get a framed print from Minted or a similar site, make your own, purchase directly from an artist or gallery… the list goes on! As for photos, you can play around with displaying different sizes or experiences, make them black and white or color, and get interesting frames.

This fun piece of art above the bed brings out the “California cool” vibe even more in this room by Katie Hodges Design (via MyDomaine)

Now that it’s officially spring, it’s the perfect time for a refresh! I hope these ideas gave you some inspiration to make a change or two in your bedroom. I recently gave our bedroom a mini-makeover and it feels like an entirely new space. I look forward to going to bed now even more than I used to, if that’s even possible! I’ll be sharing a post soon all about the changes we made, so stay tuned!

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