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Laura Sima: Interior Designer in St. Paul, Minnesota

Well hello there!

I’m Laura Sima, the creator of Sima Spaces. My husband Josh and I live in a suburb of Minneapolis, MN and are renovating our second home together.

We fully renovated our 1950’s home (#ourfiftiesfixerupper) and are now in the middle of our second full home renovation (#simasixtiessplit). What makes us different from others is that we do the vast majority of the work ourselves. I design the spaces, but I also assist with the labor. Josh is skilled in electrical and plumbing work, carpentry, and is an overall amazing “handyman” and can figure out how to do essentially anything. After the construction is done, I help each room come to life through decor and styling. Our first home turned out better than we could’ve hoped, and I have a feeling this one will be even better!

I strive to make a personalized, stylish environment that makes everyone feel welcome, comfortable, and relaxed. Creating cozy spaces is my jam, and I love a space that feels warm, comfortable, and collected.

I ran my own interior design business for a few years, and although I loved helping people with their homes, it wasn’t sustainable to continue renovating our own home (and sharing it here and on Instagram), working full time as a nurse, and taking on large design projects. I made the tough decision to close up shop in late spring 2021. That means that now, I have more time to focus on sharing our own projects with you all!

On the blog, you’ll find project updates, home renovation tips, DIY projects, decorating and design advice, inspiration for home projects, former client projects, and our favorite products. Be sure to follow along on Instagram as well!

If you’re curious about how Sima Spaces came about, I wrote a post all about the development and significance of the name.

My goal is to encourage you to find the beauty in your home, no matter its size, quirky features, or age! Together, we can transform your space into one that you love.


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