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How It All Started

Sima Spaces, Interior Design for investors and homeowners in Minnesota

Hey there! I’m Laura Sima. My husband Josh and I bought our first “fixer upper” investment property in April 2016 and have been renovating it by ourselves ever since. I’m a pediatric ICU nurse and interior designer with a passion for everything real estate and design-related. Josh is the manager of an environmental company and loves anything involving construction or the outdoors.

We purchased our house with the intention of “making it our own” as well as gaining some sweat equity. Over three years later, we’re still working on it, and our knowledge continues to expand.  We learn and gain experience with every project we work on, and we’ve discovered that we have a true passion for home renovating and investing.

What Sets Us Apart

Essentially every single inch of this home is getting updated, interior and exterior included. What makes us different from others is that we are doing the vast majority (90%+) of the work ourselves. I design the spaces, but I also assist with the labor. Josh is skilled in electrical and plumbing work, carpentry, and is an overall amazing “handyman” and can figure out how to do essentially anything. After the hard labor, I help each room come to life through decor and styling. Together, we make a perfect team and have transformed this home into something even better than we dreamt.

Interior Design, Renovation, and Decoration for all

If you’re curious about how Sima Spaces came about, I wrote a post all about the development and significance of the name.

A few years and many home projects later, I started studying interior design and real estate investing. I began offering interior design and decorating services in Spring 2019 and specialize in creating beautiful, yet affordable spaces that reflect the personalities and lifestyle of the people living in it.

Sima Spaces offers a variety of interior design services, as seen below. Combining my passions of interior design and property investing, I offer unique services of design and decorating specifically for investors, in addition to a variety of services for homeowners.


A fantastic option for anyone located outside of the Twin Cities, on a tighter budget, or looking for minor updates to decor (although major updates are possible with this option, as well). E-design is perfect for a smaller space remodel such as a bedroom, living room, or patio and gives you the freedom to purchase recommended items at your leisure.


Full-service design services take your project from a dream to reality. Full-service projects start with a consultation and end with you moving into your new space! This option is for the person who doesn’t want to lift a finger- you won’t have to worry about anything, from hanging artwork or moving furniture.


Consultations are an affordable option that can range from a single consultation to a “designer on retainer” for your entire project. Consultation offerings vary widely, and can meet your needs whether you’re looking to update a single room, full home, or have your property staged for sale/rent.


Whether you’re rehabbing a home to sell or rent, or simply want to furnish your vacation rental to see higher rental returns, Sima Spaces has a package for you. We offer three investor packages, ranging from design only to complete design and install. Pricing is competitive and I guarantee you will love the finished product (and so will your bank account!).

The Blog

On the blog, I share our project updates, home renovation tips, DIY projects, decorating and design advice, inspiration for home projects, client projects, and our favorite products. I love collaborating with brands when doing projects or decorating to find new products that I love- you can always expect an honest review from me!

If you’re a brand and think we’d be a great match, please send me an email.For more info about disclosures and affiliate relationships, click here.

My goal is to encourage you to find the beauty in your home or investment property, whether it’s with my help or on your own! Together, we can transform your space into one that you love.

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