Paint Colors

“What is the name of the paint color?” is by far the most commonly asked question that I get! Each paint color is listen on the “Source Shop” for each individual room, but to make it even easier for you, I’ve created a list below.

Before you run out and purchase the colors that we have, there are a few things you should know. The appearance of a paint color can be affected by so many different things. Yes, that’s italicized for a reason. So. Many. Things! 

In any space, the paint color can be affected by:

-how well you primed the space (or what the color was that you painted over)

-how much natural light is in the room

-how many coats of paint you did

-what sheen of paint you chose (flat, eg-shel, semi-gloss, etc.)

-how much light your lightbulbs give off (and if they’re yellow or bright white or daylight etc.)

-what the room is furnished with (e.g. a red rug, a green sofa, etc.)

In photos, paint color can be affected by:

-the exposure (amount of light) of the photo

-any tinting in the photo (warm or cool)

-the brightness of the photo (artificial brightening by adding more white)

-the contrast of the photo (enhancing the dark shades)

-the time of day that the photo is taken (morning, evening, night etc.)

I could keep going with each of those lists! What I’m getting at with all of that is…. the paint on my walls might not look the same on YOUR walls. Sure, it might be similar, but don’t be too disappointed if it ends up looking a little bit different. That’s why it’s best to ultimately bring home as many paint chips as you can, tape them to your walls and get a feeling of what they’d look like for a full 24 hours. Even better- bring home paint samples and paint small swatches on your walls to get an accurate feel.

That being said, it’s definitely nice to have a starting point when looking at paint colors. Ours are generally neutral, with the exception of the blue in our master bedroom. Here’s a list of each color!

Living Room & Hallway | Mindful Gray, Sherwin Williams

Sima Spaces Paint Colors, Mindful Gray paint

Kitchen & Dining Room | Silverpointe, Sherwin Williams

Sima Spaces dining room paint colors, Silverpointe Sherwin Williams

Guest Bedroom | Pussywillow, Sherwin Williams

SIma Spaces guest bedroom paint colors

Hallway Bathroom | Snowbound by Sherwin Williams

Master Suite | Blustery Sky, Sherwin Williams

Sima Spaces paint colors, master bedroom paint color, blustery sky by sherwin williams

Master Bathroom | First Star by Sherwin Williams

Sima Spaces bathroom, First Star by Sherwin Williams

Wood floors | Oak hardwood, stained with Ranch Oak by Sherwin Williams

Sima Spaces flooring, ranch oak by Sherwin Williams

Basement | Walls: Extra White by Sherwin Williams; Trim: Crushed Ice by Sherwin Williams; Cabinets: Naval by Sherwin Williams

Extra White, Crushed Ice, and Naval by Sherwin Williams / Basement Paint colors, Sima Spaces
Photo by Spacecrafting Photography


Our exterior is not painted- it’s vinyl siding. This is another commonly asked question 🙂 I had the paint for the foundation matched to a piece of siding at Sherwin Williams. The siding is Timbercrest brand from Menards in “Evergreen”.