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This post was originally shared on my former website,, in spring 2018.

After a winter that seemed like it was twice as long as normal, summer is finally approaching and I’m wanting to spend every possible second outside. This summer, we’re tackling the exterior of our home with new siding, improving curb appeal, a back patio complete remodel, replacing exterior doors, landscaping, and adding a front patio. It will be so fun to get to work outside for once instead of being trapped inside, working on house projects on beautiful days!

Josh actually had the idea to add a front patio to our home (he was pretty proud of this and wanted to make sure this was known). Walking around our neighborhood, we’ve noticed quite a few homes that have front patios and we’ve started to love the look. They make a home look more welcoming, and there’s just something about sitting outside and being able to actually see your neighbors and be social (not that we don’t also love our privacy) or wave hello to someone walking their dog.

Our living room has a large window that we’re going to center the patio under. We will use paver stones to create the base, add a window box behind it under the window for some color and balance, and add greenery to either side to round it out. Josh was really set on getting Adirondack chairs, and I didn’t protest- they’re comfortable and I love the wood look. Of course we’ll DIY quite a few things (window boxes, laying the pavers, planting everything, etc.) to remain within a low budget. Here’s what I’m envisioning!

Products & Prices

Adirondack ChairsWorld Market, $183 for 2 (while they were 30% off!!)

Side tableTarget, $25

LanternsAmazon  (or something similar- $50 budget for both)

Pillows: World Market (or something similar- $50 budget for both)

OttomansCB2, $80 (not sure if we’ll have the space for these or not but they look great!)

Pavers: $150 budget (from any home improvement store)

Window box: $30 for materials, roughly

Flowers & shrubs: $75 (roughly)

TOTAL: $563 (I didn’t include the ottomans)

Image credits: Azalea bushPlanter boxEvergreen bush

I can’t wait to get started on this project. For just $500, we can completely transform the curb appeal of our home, which will also bring value down the road when it’s time to sell. In the meantime, it’ll be a great spot to sit in the evenings with a glass of wine in hand!

Do any of you have a front patio? If not, what do you think of the idea of one? I’ll make sure to keep you updated with project progress so you can create one for yourselves if you’d like!

Author: Laura Sima

Hey there, I'm Laura- creator of Sima Spaces. I'm a home renovator, designer, and blogger based in the Twin Cities in Minnesota. When I'm not designing or renovating homes, you can find me working as a pediatric ICU RN, snuggling my dog or cat, skiing in CO, soaking up the sun on our boat, or enjoying a glass of wine on our patio!

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