Have you ever wished you could “pick a designer’s brain?” Then an interior design consultation is for you!

All projects start with a consultation, however, consultations don’t have to lead to a project. Consultations are designed to provide as much value as possible in a short amount of time. Whether we go from room to room in your whole home or just focus on one or two rooms, you’ll receive valuable, actionable, on-the-spot recommendations for each space.

Consultations can include any or all of the following discussions:

  • Functionality: what do you want out of each space? E.g. entertaining space, relaxing, storage, workspace, etc.
  • Your likes & dislikes about each space and how to feature, change, or downplay them
  • Decor styles: are there certain things (furniture styles, colors, accessories etc.) that you’d like to incorporate or avoid? Do you have any “must haves?” Perhaps you need assistance pinpointing your style- we can do that too!
  • Timeline & budget: I will help you set realistic numbers if you haven’t already done the research!
  • Paint colors & color schemes
  • Furniture ideas & furniture placement, overall floorplans, recommended furniture/fixture sizing, including incorporating any furniture/fixtures you may already own
  • Lighting placement, options, recommendations to achieve ideal functionality
  • Flooring recommendations: rug types and sizing, carpet/hardwood/tile
  • Wall, window, and ceiling treatments (textiles, hardware, artwork, mouldings)

If you would like assistance with design outside of the consultation in the form of full service design or a la carte design, we will also discuss your timeline, budget, project phases, and trades required. Please note that design is a process, and the ideas that are discussed at the consultation might change as the project progresses!

Virtual Consultations

conducted via Facetime or Skype. Up to one hour/$125

In-Home Consultations

conducted at the project address. Up to two hours/$225