Full Service Design, Decorating & Styling

Based in St. Paul, MN, Sima Spaces specializes in residential remodels and decorating and offers full-service design and decorating for any living space (interior or exterior) in your home as well as event or holiday decorating. I strive for livable beauty: a space that is stylish yet warm, inviting, and comfortable. Read more about my design goals, client satisfaction goals, and style.

Whether your space needs a full gut and remodel or just brand new furnishings and decor, full-service design and decorating is a turn-key option to having the space of your dreams. You won’t have to worry about a thing- from hiring the contractor to hanging the artwork to installing the sofa.

I use a comprehensive 13-step process, broken down into three phases, that takes the project from a conversation to a finished space, whether it’s a decorating job or a full remodel. With this, you can be assured that no detail of your project will be overlooked, and you can expect it will be carried out with professionalism, transparency, integrity, and efficiency.

Project Initiation Phase

Steps 1 & 2 | The Questionnaire, Consultation, Contract Signing, and Receipt of Retainer

Once you’ve reached out via email, you will be sent a questionnaire that will dive into the details of your project. If we’re a good fit, we will schedule an in-person consultation up to two hours long, during which we’ll discuss your project goals and desires, design style, budget, and timeline. I will provide knowledge and expertise of what to expect from a design and construction standpoint, share ideas of what I envision for the space, review my contract, and explain my process in detail. When you’re comfortable, a signed letter of agreement and payment of the project-dependent retainer fee will officially kick off the project.

The consultation is a flat fee of $225, due at time of scheduling.

Research, Design, and Presentation Phase

Steps 3 & 4 | Trade Period & Design Process

During this phase, any involved trades will provide estimates. Every single furnishing and finish will be sourced, and elevations and drawings for contractors will be procured. Many of my sources are custom and trade-only, meaning that only interior designers have access to these products. Consequently, you can be assured that you will have a completely unique, personalized space.

Step 5 | Design Presentation

On Presentation Day, every detail of your space is shared with you, including any specialized drawings or renderings, any estimates from trades, estimates for finishes and furnishings, and photos and/or samples of every item to be included. We will review the project’s timeline and decide on any changes that might need to be made prior to initiation of construction or product ordering. This package is designed to create peace of mind for you: your entire project is laid out in front of you and you can visualize everything that’s about to happen.

Project Management Phase

Steps 6-8 | Order Placement, Budget Review, and Construction Phase

After you’ve signed off on each finish, fixture, and furnishing, orders will be placed, constructed, tracked, and shipped to a warehouse.

During this time, any trades will be hard at work remodeling your space. Sima Spaces will perform site checks and be in touch with all trades on a regular basis to ensure that your project is going as planned and completed to high standards.

Steps 9 & 10 | Installation and Styling

After the difficult construction work is complete, it is time for the fun part: installing! Any relevant tradespeople will install all fixtures, and a professional team of movers and handymen will install all furnishings and hang any artwork or wall decor. Sima Spaces will then come in and style your space to perfection, right down to candles and throw blankets.

Project Completion Phase

Steps 11-13 | Reveal, Identifying and Resolving Deficiencies, and Wrapup

On reveal day, we will walk through and discuss every inch of your space, as well as point out any deficiencies that might have occurred (a scratched table, a scuff on the wall etc.). Although we strive for perfection, deficiencies are inevitable, and while some designers might shy away from acknowledging imperfections, that’s where Sima Spaces differs. We will point them out and come up with a plan to fix them for you. Once they’ve been taken care of, we will wrap up the entire project with a binder complete with any information about each product included in your space as well as how to care for it.

Does full-service sound like more than you need to commit to? Perhaps your project is suitable for e-design or one of my many consultation offerings, both of which are affordable and less comprehensive alternatives to full-service.

Do you have a remodel or decorating project in mind and think we’d be a good fit? Send me an email below to get started! I would love to chat more about how I can help you.