Three Affordable College Dorm Designs for Every Style

It’s that time of the year… back to college! Whether it’s you or a child heading off to school, it’s time to start thinking about dorm room decor.

College is a time full of fun, new experiences, but it can also be stressful and uncomfortable, especially when you’re not used to your surroundings just yet. It’s so important to have a sanctuary of your own to rest, study, and hang out with friends. Even though the door room furniture might be boring, your decor doesn’t need to be!

I’ve sourced three very different dorm room designs from everyday stores, many of which offer two-day delivery! The designs are mix and match, and can be gender neutral if you make some easy changes such as colors of rugs, bedding, or pillows. They also offer a variety of price points, so you can create a stylish space no matter what your budget is. Shop each design board below!

Room #1: Feminine & Sophisticated

Feminine and Sophisticated Dorm Room Design, Sima Spaces

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Duvet cover/ Office chair/ Lamp/Velvet chair/Rug/Futon/Gallery frames/Floor pillows/Curtains/Door hooks/Sheets

Room 2: Neutral & Navy

Neutral and Navy Dorm Room Design, Sima Spaces

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Rug/Futon/Lamp/Storage Ottomans/Door storage mirror/Printable sign/String lights/Bedding set/ Calendar/Faux Succulents/Letterboard

Room 3: Modern Minimalist

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Futon/Printables/Storage cart/Geometric Pillow/Lightbox/Floor lamp/Storage ottoman/Blackout curtains/Vases/White pillow/Rug

If you’d like a personalized dorm room design, check out my e-design service– I’d love to create a custom space just for you!

Three Affordable Dorm Room Designs

Author: Laura Sima

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