Spring 2018 ORC: Weeks 10, 11, & 12

This post was originally shared on my former website, OurFiftiesFixerUpper.com in June 2018.

Ok ok, we might have DOUBLED the allotted time slot for the One Room Challenge… but the reality of DIY renovations is that they always take longer than you think! We still will have finished this bathroom in under 3 months (because we WILL finish before the 4th of July!!!) which is a pretty great accomplishment for us.

I wanted to give you guys a quick update on where we’re at with the bathroom. The end is in sight!!! I don’t want to give away TOO much because I want to save something for the big reveal, ya know? I’ll recap our goals I had made in the last post:

  • DONE: Install toilet
  • DONE: Install vanity & faucet
  • WORKING ON IT: Install & paint linen closet shelves (Black Magic by SW)
  • WORKING ON IT: Install & caulk trim & door (window, baseboards, door)
  • WORKING ON IT: Hang mirror (DONE), artwork (need to decide on some first, but have frames purchased), shelf above toilet (DONE)
  • DONE: Install fixtures (TP holder, towel holders, shower curtain rod, shower fixtures)
  • WORKING ON IT: My favorite part… decorate! (shelf above toilet, linen closet, choose artwork)

The toilet, vanity, and sink faucet are all in and functional. I absolutely love our vanity choice- I wanted a dark contrast to the all-white-everything and this vanity helped pull that together perfectly! I chose black grout to tie the black vanity in as well. We ran into an issue after grouting in which the grout turned a lighter gray color than I wanted- so I dyed it! The dyed grout turned out perfectly and is a beautiful, crisp black- it makes the mosaic white tile pattern really pop!

I’m super happy with all of the fixtures I chose, as well. I was a little nervous that they were all slightly different shades of brass because they’re not all the same brand, but they blend really well together. The brass knobs from CB2 are a beautiful addition to the vanity. I am in love with the hand towel holder as well! The toilet paper holder compliments the modern features of the bathroom perfectly. And last but not least, our mirror– I am obsessed. It is clean and crisp and a beautiful brass shade and it is exactly what I was dreaming of when I designed this space. I’m also super happy with how the shelf above the toilet turned out- the black shelf mixed with the brass brackets matches the space perfectly. I might paint the shelf so that it matches the floating shelves in the linen closet exactly, but we’ll see how it all looks once those shelves get painted.

Last night Josh started building the floating shelves– I am “spatially impaired” and definitely wouldn’t trust myself to measure everything correctly and install them level- and they just need some caulk and paint, which I’m going to work on this week. I took plenty of photos so stay tuned for a “how-to” post soon! He still has to finish up the trim and hang the door, but then we are D.O.N.E.!!!!! Like I said, we’re so close!!!! I’m really really really hoping to be able to share a reveal post by next week! I will also share a complete source list with you all very soon!

We’ve come a long way in this project- see the progression here! Weeks 7, 8, & 9,  Week 6, Week 5Week 4Week 3Week 2, & Week 1.

Update 7/18: the bathroom is DONE! Check out the reveal here!

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