How to Get Your Lawn Ready for Summer

Thank you to Pennington Lawn Booster for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.

Since we moved into our new home last summer, we have been working on a complete renovation of the main floor and entry floor. Now that the finish line is in sight for those projects, it’s time to start paying some much-needed attention to our yard!

Backyard BEFORE/ Sima Spaces

We plan on completely overhauling our backyard over the course of the summer and fall, including adding a fence, new landscaping, a firepit area, a shed, and replacing the old deck with a beautiful new patio. While all of that will be transformative, there is one BIG thing that needs to be prioritized… our grass!!! Thanks to our beloved dog Dexter, our grass in our backyard is pretty much destroyed. The front yard is definitely a little sad-looking too.

Backyard: BEFORE treatment
notice the extra large dead spot…

That’s why I was super excited when I was contacted to partner with Pennington Lawn Booster. Although this is our second home, yard work is not something I have mastered, and I’m never really sure what steps to follow. Whether you’re a first time homeowner or an experienced yard care expert looking to cut back on the time you spend on your lawn, Pennington can help.

Pennington’s Lawn Booster is a 3-in-1 Lawn Care solution contains grass seed, fertilizer, and soil enhancers, which makes it super easy to take care of everything in just a few steps instead of repeating the process for fertilizer, then seed, then soil products. The results are thicker, greener grass in a shorter period of time, and they guarantee it to work in the sun, shade, or drought, and it’s heat-and disease-resistant. Win, win, win, am I right?!

Pennington Lawn Booster // Sima Spaces

What’s in it?

Pennington Smart Seed: a premium, drought-tolerant grass seed that will save you 30% in water every year for the life of your lawn compared to other seed types.

Fertilizer: a premium fertilizer that will continuously release nutrients for up to 8 weeks. This will improve the germination and overall texture and color of your lawn.

Soil enhancer: improves the health and condition of the soil to help the grass seed take root and flourish.

A little about the Pennington brand

Pennington has been in business since 1945, starting out as a small seed store in Georgia. Since then, they have grown into a manufacturer of grass seed, soil amendment, fertilizer, and wild bird seed. Their products are sold in a variety of home improvement stores, including big box stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s.

How to Apply

The Lawn Booster works best when planted in early Spring or early Fall. We planted during the end of April/early May. Germination time is about 1-2 weeks, so we wanted to ensure our grass would be looking great by summertime.

Step 1

Prep: the first step is to remove unwanted weeds. Then, mow your lawn to about 1″. Remove all debris and dead grass with a rake, which will also loosen up the soil.

Step 2

Apply: Spread Pennington Lawn Booster evenly using the spreader settings located on the bag. We used a push seed-spreader and I was able to get our entire front lawn seeded in under 20 minutes. The backyard is a little larger but took just about a half hour.

Step 3

The most important step: water your lawn! Water the applied area daily (or even twice a day) to keep the soil moist until grass sprouts and reaches your desired mowing height.

How to Keep Your Dog Safe After Fertilizer Application

We spread the Lawn Booster over two days, with about a week and a half in between, to ensure our dog would have some usable yard space. According to this article, fertilizer ingestion can cause vomiting and seizures in dogs. Watering your lawn after application will help the fertilizer granules pass into the soil and not sit on the grass. It’s best to wait at least two days after application and frequent watering to ensure that the granules have absorbed into the grass before allowing your pets back onto the lawn. We first applied the mixture to our front yard, watered every day for a week, and then spread it in the backyard, so our dog was able to use the front yard to do his business while the backyard was out of commission.

The Results

After just two weeks I am so pleased at the results! Our front lawn was lush and tall within a week of application. I think the key was making sure that we watered every day. The area by the bushes in front of our house was the most noticeable change. It went from patchy and dead to fresh and green. Here’s a before and after:

BEFORE: notice the sad dead spots in front of the bushes!
AFTER: fresh green grass!

Make your neighbors jealous with Pennington Lawn Booster! Actually… no need to make them jealous, just share the love and tell ’em what you used so the whole neighborhood will look amazing!

Author: Laura Sima

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  • Great read on prepping your lawn for summer! It’s wonderful how Pennington Lawn Booster makes it so simple with its 3-in-1 care solution. I’m curious, how did the grass hold up with your dog Dexter? Did it stay vibrant and resilient despite his activities?