Moody Modern Traditional Bedroom Makeover

Finally, I can reveal our bedroom! This was supposed to be a quick project, but it turned out to take much longer than I’d thought. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, ha! It took awhile to receive all of the decor pieces (thanks, Covid), and then I struggled to get motivated to paint the doors (the last part of the project). However, it’s all DONE and the reveal day is here, and I’m excited to share it with you!

Design Plan

We plan to completely demo and re-frame this entire floor, so this bedroom won’t exist in a year or two when that happens. Because of that, I didn’t want to invest TOO much into the makeover, so I had to get a little crafty with sourcing and plans. Here’s where I started with the design plans (read a full breakdown of the plans & see inspo here):

Moody modern traditional bedroom makeover design plan // Sima Spaces

One thing that I didn’t share on the initial plans is that I was thinking of installing wall moulding. However, after mapping it out on the walls and calculating materials costs, I realized it would’ve cost between $300-400. We have quite a few things to spend that money on these days (ahem, kitchen, living room, dining room, and porch remodel and refurnishing!), so I decided to save the money for now. I definitely plan on incorporating that into the bedroom design once we officially renovate this floor though!


The “before” was beige and bland. We moved into this home 4 months ago, and the bedroom had been painted for resale. Almost the entire home is the same beige color. It just didn’t feel right in our bedroom, and I knew I needed to change it!

The Changes

Because it wasn’t in the budget to replace our furniture, I knew I had to break up some of the wood tones. I painted the walls Alabaster by Sherwin Williams which is a warm creamy white. The trim and doors are painted Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams, which is a very light gray with a warm undertone, and pairs nicely with brown and gray tones alike. The paint really helps to brighten up the room and adds a much more updated feel. Swapping out the light fixture also made a huge difference in creating an updated look!

Moody modern traditional bedroom makeover // Sima Spaces

Cozy texture was the name of the game in here, and I added linen blackout curtains, a faux leather bench, and linen duvet cover, and a variety of pillows.

My favorite part, which undeniably MAKES the room, is the vintage rug. I had searched for a LONG time for the perfect rug and came across this one on Revival’s website. I was lucky enough to be able to partner with Revival on this project and was gifted this stunning vintage rug. It has a variety of grays, browns, creamy white, and some dark green. It’s wool and low pile, which means it’s amazingly durable and pet-friendly (a must in our house!). I added a cushy rug pad underneath for extra padding, and it is truly so soft and warm underfoot. Revival has an incredible selection of vintage rugs in all sizes and colorways. You can get 10% off your purchase on their website with code SIMASPACES10 through the end of December 2020!

Vintage turkish rug paired with faux leather ottoman and linen duvet cover. Modern traditional bedroom makeover // Sima Spaces

Due to the door configuration in this room, there’s really only one wall that allows for the headboard to go against, and that wall has a window on the left side. To create visual balance and a bit of distraction from that off-center window, I installed a single curtain to the left of the window, and a floating shelf with artwork on the right side. I paired vintage paintings with personal photographs and modern line drawings, and used a variety of frame colors and sizes to add interest.

Balancing an off-center window headboard wall // Sima Spaces
Balancing an off-center window headboard wall // Sima Spaces

I’ve loved the look of textured ceramic lamps for awhile, and I found this amazing pair at Goodwill for just $8 each. I spray painted them a dark brownish-gray and added a pleated linen shade (very trendy right now!) for a traditional vibe. Josh’s nightstand has a ceramic bowl that I found at a secondhand store to store his trinkets and a large succulent (from this summer- I’m honestly shocked I haven’t killed it yet). My side has a stack of books, a cute faux plant and a gorgeous stone decorative box (a Homegoods find, so no link!). For an easy updated look to the nightstands and dresser, I replaced the handles with pretty brass ones!

One of my other favorite parts of this makeover is our linen duvet cover! It has a naturally wrinkled, “lived-in” look and adds so much cozy texture. It’s also pretty heavy so it’s super toasty warm, which is perfect since winter is coming very soon! I styled the bed with a combo of pillows in linen, sherpa, and cotton, and an army green blanket .

Bed and nightstand styling, off-center window wall // Sima Spaces

On the other side of the room, I installed a floor length mirror and styled our dresser with a large vase (a Facebook marketplace find!) of faux willow branches, a decorative box, another painted Goodwill ceramic lamp, and a candle and picture frame. The arched mirror was actually in our previous home’s entryway, and I almost sold it when we moved but I’m so glad I didn’t!

Styled dresser, alabaster walls and agreeable gray trim, modern traditional bedroom makeover // Sima Spaces

Our bedroom feels so calm and relaxing now. I know it sounds corny, but it makes me happy just to walk into it! That was my goal, and I’m so happy I could accomplish that. It will definitely make do for the time being until we can start the major renovation up here.

moody modern traditional bedroom with off-center window // Sima Spaces

I have to give a special THANK YOU to Revival for making my rug dreams come true. I strongly encourage you to shop their incredible inventory of rugs, and don’t forget to use code SIMASPACES10 for 10% off your purchase, good through the end of 2020.

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  • I love this off center bed with the window. Our bedroom is the same way and just could not get past
    behind all symmetrical. I got over it and now love our design. Thank you for the inspiration. And the mirror
    on the dresser is so unique as well then traditional dresser mirrors.