Basement Bathroom Design Plan

This post is written in partnership with The Tile Shop and Sherwin Williams. All views and statements are my own.

Because it’s been over a year since we started the basement renovation, the bathroom design plan has changed quite a few times. As of this week, however, it’s officially finalized, and the majority of items are purchased. It is a small area- about 45 sqft- that we’re managing to turn into a full bathroom.

Because this is a basement bathroom, we’re trying to keep costs down as possible while still creating a pretty and inviting space. I found a navy blue vanity with a cararra marble top at a home improvement outlet store for just $230 and we’re using that as our design focal point. We’ll mix black and brass metals, and add faux marble wall tile, a pretty gray penny tile, and do white and gray walls/trim. The end result should feel bright, elegant, and classic, and our budget will be in check!

Here is the finalized moodboard for the design! I’ll break down the details below.

Basement bathroom moodboard: modern traditional basement bathroom by Sima Spaces

The Tile

For the tub surround, I chose a large-scale 12 x 24 tile from The Tile Shop. It’s a creamy white with gray marble veining and a matte finish. At under $7/sqft, it keeps our budget in check as well. The size allows for a fast installation, and means less grout to clean as well! The salesperson at The Tile Shop was very helpful and patient with me as I looked at every single faux marble option they had. They have a huge selection in stores and allowed me to bring home samples as well. We’ve shopped there for all of our tile projects so far and it’s the only place I go for tile!

For the flooring, I chose a gray penny tile, also from The Tile Shop. It is a beautiful complement to the tub surround tile and ties into the gray marbling. It’s a mix of grays- light, dark, and medium- and will really help to warm up the space. We’ll also use it in the tub niche as an accent. The penny tile will be a little more forgiving on the imperfect floor as well. Because we had to rip up the floor to replace the drains, there are a lot of rough and uneven patches. We’ll be using self-leveling compound to make it as smooth and level as possible, but we were still worried that a larger tile might crack. We won’t have to worry about that with the penny tile!

We will use a warm white grout for both the wall and floor tile.

Basement Bathroom tile combination from The Tile Shop: Sima Spaces basement renovation
Our tile combo: Penny Round Mist porcelain tile and Lombardia White Matte porcelain tile from The Tile Shop

The Finishes

Bathroom moodboard with real finishes: Sima Spaces basement renovation


The vanity is navy blue with a carrara marble top. I was able to get such a discount on it because the top was unglued, which will be an easy fix! It has brass handles and will coordinate with the other brass and black finishes nicely. I found an affordable brass faucet at Lowe’s.

Hardware & Lights

The rest of our finishes will be a combination of black and brass. We already had the mirror (originally from Target- discontinued) that I had purchased awhile ago. The sconce lights will be our only source of light in that room, and the milk glass shade will give off a nice diffused light. The towel bar, hook, hand towel holder, and toilet paper holder will be matte black- I purchased them as a group from Amazon.


The paint colors will be the same as the rest of the basement: Extra White walls and Crushed Ice trim, both by Sherwin Williams. The finish for the bathroom will be satin for good washability and moisture-resistance.

We will also have a built-in cabinet with shelves above. I am still deciding whether or not to paint the cabinet the same color as the vanity or do a light oak!


The ceiling needs to be a drop-down style because there are multiple water lines, drains, and electrical conduit runs below the joists. The water valves need to be accessible, so we are unable to drywall over the entire ceiling. We will install some decorative ceiling panels (exact style TBD) so that it looks as nice as possible but is still functional.

Shop The Room

Basement bathroom moodboard: modern traditional basement bathroom by Sima Spaces

Next Steps

Josh is in the process of finishing up electrical work, some framing on the ceiling, and installing the fan. We will get that all inspected ASAP, then lay the self-leveling compound on the floor, and then set the bathtub and finish the water line installation. Then we’ll finally be ready for walls! In the meantime, the finishes and fixtures are ordered and en route. Stay tuned for more progress!

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