Interior Design, Renovation, and Decoration

Sima Spaces is based in St. Paul, Minnesota, and was founded by Laura Sima. Laura’s passion for home design, decor, and renovation came about during the renovation of her 1952 home. She has a down-to-earth yet modern design style and absolutely loves the process of creating beautiful, yet affordable spaces that reflect the personalities and lifestyle of the people living in them.

Design Services

Sima Spaces offers a variety of design services to meet your needs, whether you’re a homeowner or property investor. We specialize in residential interiors with a modern yet inviting aesthetic and focus on affordable design for all.

Full-Service Design, Decorating, and Styling

Sima Spaces Full-Service Design, Decorating, and Renovating


Sima Spaces E-Design Services

Design Consultations

Sima Spaces Design Consultations

The Blog

On the blog, you’ll find our project updates, home renovation tips, DIY projects, decorating and design advice, inspiration for home projects, and our favorite products. I love collaborating with brands when doing projects or decorating to find new products that I love- you can always expect an honest review from me! If you’re a brand and think we’d be a great match, please send me an email. For more info about disclosures and affiliate relationships, click here.

I do my best to keep my content real, relatable, inspirational, and our projects attainable. My goal is to inspire you to find the beauty in your own home- if we can do it, so can you!