About Sima Spaces Design & Decorating Services

Down-to-earth design

Based out of St. Paul, MN, Sima Spaces is founded and owned by Laura Sima. I specialize in creating beautiful, yet affordable spaces that reflect the personalities and lifestyle of the people living in it.

I believe that your home should serve as a multifunctional place: one where you are excited to host guests, spend Friday nights on the couch with your family, have a lazy Saturday afternoon, sip your coffee at the table in the morning. Think of an investment in your living spaces as an investment in yourself and your family. When you are fully able to recharge and relax at home, you’re able to put that renewed energy into performing better in your daily life. When you have a beautiful home, you look forward to coming home and spending time in it with the people you love the most.

My main goal when designing spaces is creating livable beauty. I strive to make a personalized, stylish environment that makes you (and others) feel welcome, comfortable, and relaxed. I do this through an organized and collaborative system that is respectful of your budget, time, and lifestyle. I hold myself to high standards and high integrity both in my life and in my business- something I always share with you as a client.

By taking your needs, living situation, budget, and design goals into consideration, I will create a one-of-a-kind, individualized space that reflects your personality and your lifestyle.

Modern | Bohemian | Rustic | Scandinavian | Midcentury

There’s not just one word that pins down my style. It’s ever-evolving, but it’s almost always a combination of multiple styles. The direction I take depends on the type and functionality of the space as well as client preferences. You can be sure that your space will not be sourced from the same one or two vendors, and that it will be unique to you and your family.

Services offered by Sima Spaces

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A fantastic option for anyone located outside of the Twin Cities, on a tighter budget, or looking for minor updates to decor (although major updates are possible with this option, as well). E-design is also perfect for a smaller space remodel such as a bedroom, living room, or patio and gives you the freedom to purchase recommended items at your leisure.

Full Service Decorating, Styling, and Design

A range of in-person services including designing, decorating, and/or styling any living space (interior or exterior) in your home, remodels (no kitchens or exteriors at this time), holiday or in-home event decorating, rental or flip property design and decorating, and home preparation for selling.

Hourly Consultations

This option can range from a single hour-long consultation to a “designer on retainer” for your entire project. Whether you’re looking to ask a simple decor question, need help sourcing an item, or need help deciding on finishes for a renovation or new build, hourly consultations can meet your needs without the added feature of project management or installation. Depending on the situation, it can take the form of a phone call, FaceTime call, in-person meeting, or sequential meetings (e.g. during a new build/renovation).