Consultations are a flexible option that can meet a multitude of design needs for just about any client, on any budget without the designer taking on the project management and product purchasing role.

In design, I strive for livable beauty: a space that is modern and stylish yet warm, inviting, and comfortable, and maximizes the living experience for owners and guests alike. Read more about my design goals, business goals, and style.

Consultations can meet a variety of needs for homeowners, renters, real estate agents, or real estate investors.

Home Refresh Consultation

Does your space need an update, but not a full renovation? Whether you’re looking to update a room or two or your entire home, the Home Refresh package can meet your needs. The process starts with an in-person, up-to-two hour consultation, where we will discuss your project in detail, from the color scheme to the decor. After touring your space, discussing your needs, goals, and budget, I will create a room-specific design plan for your home that you are then able to execute independently.

As appropriate to the space, the plan will include direction and recommendations on paint colors for walls, trim, cabinetry, or other finishes; flooring, lighting, and plumbing fixture recommendations; layout ideas; furniture and decor recommendations, and more.

At an hourly rate, I will specify an exact source list of furnishings, decor, and finishes as well as create custom design boards for each space so you’re able to visualize how everything ties together. You are responsible for all product ordering, hiring of trades, and management of the project. If this sounds like too much work and you’d rather have the designer handle it all, check out my full-service offerings.

Design board for interior design consultation client in Twin Cities, Sima Spaces
A little boy’s room design board for a client building a new home

Pricing is determined by number of rooms, up to 3, and then based on square footage for full home consultations. Single rooms start at $225.

Virtual Consultations

For people located outside of the Twin Cities, I offer virtual consultations, which can take place via FaceTime or Skype. This package is billed at an hourly rate and is able to meet just about any project needs other than full service design.

$75 per hour with a one-hour minimum.

Staging Consultation

Whether you’re a homeowner preparing to sell, real estate agent, or investor selling your flipped home or advertising your rental property, you understand the importance of a well-designed and decorated home. The way your property appears in real estate photos and during showings can mean the difference of thousands of dollars in potential profit. Investing in beautifully designed staging and decor means a bigger paycheck for you as a seller, realtor, and/or investor.

A staging consultation includes a thorough, detailed walk-through of the home, during which time we’ll discuss your ideal buyer/renter, your goals for the appearance of the property, design and decor ideas, project scope, timeline, budget, and more. I will then create a customized, room-by-room list of recommendations for everything from paint finishes to furniture placement to the finishing touches of decor.

At your request, Sima Spaces can take over the project and hire any necessary trades, rent furniture, and/or stage and style your space to perfection.

Staging packages are based on square footage and start at $350. Specific sourcing or in-person styling is charged at an hourly rate of $75/hr. Project management fees, furniture rental, and bills from trades are additional costs.

Investor Packages: Rentals or Rehabs

I got started in interior design by designing and decorating our 1952 total gut-job of a home. We’ve viewed this property as an investment- one that we want to look great and impress people, but also maximize our profits. Our goal is to continue to dive deeper into the investing world through flips and single and multi- family rentals. I love combining my knowledge of the investing world and interior design to work with investors to create high yield, beautiful properties that will be sure to either sell or rent quickly.

It’s always disappointing to see a rehabbed property go on the market that looks like every other “cookie cutter” home out there. Although all-gray-everything is a safe choice, it’s not necessarily one that will get you top dollar, or something that every buyer wants! Most buyers these days are looking for custom, unique, character-filled homes that are personalized to their lifestyle and family. As an investor, it’s impossible to give everyone exactly what they want, but you can definitely give them more than white subway tile and gray walls. Your midcentury or craftsman property deserves more than that, at the very least! I’m able to provide knowledge on the latest trends in design as well as utilize my trade-only resources for sourcing products, passing any discounts along to you, to create a space that will impress anyone who walks in.

As a rental property owner, your properties can make you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars more per month when designed and decorated to perfection. You will attract better tenants and customers and be able to charge more for both your long and short-term rentals. Make your property stand out among the sea of rentals with beautifully designed spaces that will make people be excited to call “home.”

We will start by meeting at the property, walking through and discussing every detail of both the investment and property design, including everything from your ideal return and buyer/renter to the amount of work you’d like to put into it.

After we’ve agreed on a plan, I will source any finishes, fixtures, furnishings, or whatever else the property is needing, and put together room-specific design boards, floor plans, and a shopping list for purchasing items. You are responsible for product purchasing and executing the renovation. After it is complete, I will come back and put my designer’s touch on the property with accessory styling so it is ready for photos!

Package pricing is based on a combination of scope and square footage and starts at $2250.