Home Tour

We closed on our home in April 2016 and have been working on it ever since. In that time, we’ve renovated over half of our home but still have a ways to go. See the before and afters of our renovations below- and scroll to the bottom to see the areas we still have to finish!

Last updated Fall 2018.

Living Room

We immediately fell in love with the old carpet, closed-in walls, brown original windows, wood paneling, and dusty curtains… and by that I mean threw them in the dumpster. But we did see the potential in this space and immediately got to work to brighten it up! See the living room update reveal here.




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The kitchen, like the living room, was dark and dreary, in desperate need of an extreme makeover. We quickly demolished the entire space, ripping out everything from floor to ceiling. We replaced every inch of this space, other than the beam running across the middle of the kitchen, which was painted. It is a complete 180 from the day we first walked through it, and came out better than we could have even imagined. See the kitchen and dining room reveal here.




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Dining Room

The dining room and kitchen are “open concept”- open to each other and very connected. The original dining room was long, narrow, and dark, with a door leading to the backyard in one corner. We decided to cut the space down as it was unnecessary to us to have a 20 foot dining table (!) and create a mudroom on the door side of the room. We are so happy with our choice and love the bright, open space this room has turned into.





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We created a mudroom out of part of the original dining room. By adding a wall, tiling the floor, and building custom cubbies and benches, this space has turned into a functional storage space for our family that sees its fair share of mud! See the room reveal here. During our exterior remodel, we replaced the door and still have some repair work left to do to the tile. I will update with new photos as soon as it’s finished!



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Guest Bedroom

You’ll find our guest bedroom off the living room hallway. When we first saw it, it was a dingy room with blue carpet and cigarette-smoke-stained paneled walls. We freshened it up by ripping out the carpet and the paneling and adding a shiplap feature wall and fresh paint. It’s still not my favorite room, to be honest, and if I could put $1000 into furniture I would, but it serves the function we need it to and that’s all that matters at the moment! See the DIY faux shiplap post here, and the room reveal here.



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Main Bathroom

Another room off of our living room is the main bathroom. We lived with and used this bathroom in its blue-walled, brown-tiled state for 2 years. In spring 2018 we set to demolishing and completely overhauling this room and it is practically unrecognizable now. See the transformation here.




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Master Bedroom

Our master bedroom makeover was part of a total transformation when we turned two bedrooms into a master suite with a walk-in closet and 3/4 bathroom. By knocking out the closets between the bedrooms, we added on about 3 feet to the bedroom. We skimcoated and painted the entire room, refinished the wood floor, added a shiplap wall, and installed a pocket door leading into the closet/bathroom. See the reveal post here.




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Master Closet

As seen above in our master bedroom, we created a master suite by knocking down the walls and closets between two bedrooms. In order to create our dream walk-through closet, we had to remove an exterior window and close in the second bedroom’s door. The before photo is taken standing inside the door of the former bedroom; the doorway was on what is now Josh’s side of the closet and the window is right where my side of the closet is. I designed the closets at IKEA and we built the wall between the closet and bathroom based on the size of the closet systems. We now have room to store almost all of our clothes, year-round, and we absolutely love the “his and hers” sides. See the transformation here.



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Master Bathroom

It’s crazy to think that this used to be a bedroom. When you think of it that way, this might be our biggest transformation yet in this home. We added plumbing and electrical to turn this room into a 3/4 bathroom with a double vanity and we absolutely love it. See the reveal here.



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Our exterior remodel is still a work in progress, but it’s significantly better than it was when we moved in. We were stuck with faded, cracked, yellow siding and a brown roof for the first two years that we lived here. Right away, we did some small updates and replaced the windows as seen in the second “before” photo. In fall 2018, we embarked on a total remodel and replaced the siding, painted the foundation, removed the side door, replaced the front and back doors, and painted the gutters. We also added a small patio to the front, new landscaping and lighting, and still have to finish up the back patio.




These are all before photos… and there are no afters! This is the current state of our basement as of fall 2018. We plan on completely transforming this space into a bright, cozy space that we can include in our daily lives. We will finish the bathroom, add 1-2 bedrooms, makeover the laundry area, and remodel the living room space.  We’re hoping we can accomplish all of this between the winter and the spring!




There you have it- our full home tour! If you’re interested in shopping any items you see in our home or are wondering about paint or stain colors, be sure to check out the “Source Shop”  in the main menu of my blog. Hope you enjoyed!